New release and #giveaway: EXILE OF THE PRINCE by Jesse Sterling Harrison #SF





In the ruins of society, orphaned children pick through the rubble and form sword-wielding gangs. In place of culture, they make fearful offerings to an omnipotent sun-god. But in their midst appears a stranger: the young scientist Lucky, stranded far from his home and about to change the city forever.

Nearby, Laura seethes to escape a commune controlled by the warlike Elders. These two seekers must meet and travel together, for theirĀ  destinies converge towards the fabled city of the Prince, a place where miracles happen.

With this startling debut novel, The Prince with One Hundred Brothers trilogy begins. Jesse Sterling Harrison has created a vividly-imagined world populated with unforgettable characters. Both a gripping adventure and a series of tantalizing concentric puzzles, Exile of theĀ Prince follows its two heroes as they unravel their own identities and the enigmatic history of their world.

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