Meet Sigils & Spells Author Alex Owens

Author Alex Owens

Alex Owens

Diversity isn’t just a nice ideal. It isn’t just something to celebrate and strive towards. No, it’s also a genetic certainty– one that is definable and indisputable. Diversity is fact. And I can’t help but think that if more people realized that, there would be less of an us-against-them mentality in the world and more of the good stuff.

If people acknowledged the interconnectedness of our diverse genetic history– our SHARED history– then maybe, just maybe, acceptance and tolerance would be more prevalent.

Diversity is a fact, wonderfully writ upon our own genetic makeup.

But that means little until we acknowledge the truth behind that statement. Until we open up and talk about it, until we fling open the doors presented by our own D.N.A, until we allow our history to bear witness to the rich genetic makeup of who we are as human beings.


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